One of my all time favorite things to watch on YouTube is Lauren Toyota’s “What I Ate In A Day.” The relaxed style of hers and the recipes included are just to die for and if I ever decide to do YouTube videos you can bet that I’ll be doing them in honor of hers! But until then, I decided to share what I ate for dinner! I can’t promise you’ll be getting full fledged recipes from me on these posts only because normally after I try a recipe once or twice I then start to change it to my own and never write down exact measurements.

So for this dinner, I had finally got my hands on the much talked about Cauliflower Pizza Crust. It was literally the last one there and I had been hoping to get one ever since I heard about them. That is mainly because I like to try new things from Trader Joe’s, not because I have anything against bread. I could live off bread. I am the definition of a breadhead. So my love for bread aside, I bought the last one of these crusts then waited until I figured out what kind of pizza I wanted to make. I was never huge into traditional pizza, unpopular opinion I know, I just always preferred a buffalo chicken pizza or barbeque chicken, so I knew it would be along those lines but with cauliflower instead of chicken, duh. Taking my husbands terrible distaste for hot sauce into consideration, I decided to do a BBQ cauliflower pizza. I guess I was just feeling really generous. Oh, and I used the Roasted Garlic Sriracha BBQ sauce from Trader Joe’s so I got a little kick in there regardless.

First thing I did was prepare the crust. When I initially took it out of the box I thought someone had jacked the crust and put the box back. It was so paper thin I thought it was a piece of styrofoam or something. Not a promising start but I continued on. So I cooked that until it got “crispy” just by following the directions. I roasted the cauliflower in a little bit of olive oil and sea salt until the edges got a bit charred then added to a bowl and mixed in a little bit of the BBQ sauce and maple syrup. I chopped up some cilantro and red onion and completely forgot about the pineapple I bought specifically to add to this pizza. The anger set in about that about 10 minutes after I finished eating. Assembly was a layer of BBQ sauce, cauliflower, red onion, cilantro, and on my side a small serving of Daiya cheese, that I won’t be buying anymore but more on that later.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad for not actually being bread. No matter how crispy I got the edges the middle was still on the soft side and I was afraid it was just going to crumble. I was so salty about forgetting the pineapple too because I think that would have taken it to another level. JJ, my husband with the scaredy cat taste buds, loved it. However, he doesn’t like bread. I know, he’s insane.

My rating: 6

JJ’s rating: 8

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my dinners! Until next time!

Let’s talk makeup! So, I was one of Nars’ biggest fans, especially for their radiant creamy concealer. I didn’t think anything could top that concealer so when I started to hear about Tarte’s shape tape concealer and how incredible it was, I had my doubts. I also couldn’t get it at Sephora which was a bummer because I prefer to do my beauty shopping on Sephora’s website so that I can keep my points up so I can qualify for that VIB Rouge fancy status. I hate collecting a bunch of points in different places and then my points end up adding up to a whole lot of nothing. Long story short, I took the plunge during Tarte’s Friends and Family sale and I’m so glad I did. Now for future comparison posts, this next part would be where I compare the two products covering everything from price to the overall product itself. However, I thought I would use the post to touch on an important subject, animal testing.

In NARS’ recent announcement on Instagram they claim that the want the elimination of animal testing. I say they “claim” to because they then proceed to explain that they will now have to partake in animal testing so they can sell in China and that “spreading their beauty and artistry” is just too important to not sell in China. Obviously not their exact words but a quick summary of their main point. A wonderful way they could have actually stood by their claims of wanting a “cruelty-free world” would have been to refuse to sell in China until they change their laws. If they refused and people really wanted their products those people would then try to change legislation by speaking out against the current laws and letting their leaders know that animal testing is not necessary. If companies continued to take a stance the laws would then start to change. As long as companies like Maybelline, NARS, Benefit, and countless others continued to bend to their will, there will never be change. The cosmetics industry will never become cruelty-free. NARS made a decision to be greedy and put money in front of compassion. With that decision I, and I hope many others, choose not to support them any longer. They may earn money from China now but they will not get even one more cent from me. NARS was always a brand I loved and respected but can no longer.

Whether you practice a cruelty-free beauty routine or not, I urge you to really reconsider buying from a company like this. So needless to say there will be no comparison because there is no comparison to a compassionate company such as Tarte and a company that put money over their values like NARS, who sent the beauty industry back with this decision.

Ava aka Buggy is the product of me nagging JJ to no end for a friend for Opie. Ava is also from a rescue and she is a shepherd/hound mix. She got the nickname Buggy because she is such a love bug. There is no better way to describe her, she has a pure heart of gold. The rescue I got Ava from was not the most thorough and was a totally different experience from my dealings with All 4 Paws, which was just incredible. I won’t be listing their name because in the end they are a rescue doing great things for animals. They didn’t give me too much info about her or even her right breed but I have no regrets. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met, everything she does, she does with love. Opie and Ava get along so well, she just worships him.


Ava can also be found on instagram @asthetailswag !!

Opie stole my heart the first second I laid eyes on him. He was rescued from being euthanized in a shelter from a lovely rescue called All 4 Paws at just four months old. He is a husky/shepherd mix and my furry soulmate. You know those romantic movies where two people’s eyes meet from across the room and they can’t keep their eyes off of each other…yea it was kind of like that. I went to one of All 4 Paws meet and greets to meet another puppy and that little puppy was late, which worked out so well for all parties in the end because she ended up getting adopted with her sister, and I got to meet Opie first. Once the other puppy showed up, I left Opie’s side and was spending time with her but I couldn’t stop looking at Opie! Funny this was, he couldn’t stop looking at me either! I’m telling you the puppy dog eyes that were exchanged were sickening. I knew that I had to leave there with Opie. There was just that connection that I feel like a lot of dog owners can attest to, when you meet the one you’re destined to take home, you just know. A 3 hour car ride home later and Opie was in his forever home with us.

I would like to say that we chose the name Opie after Son’s of Anarchy’s Opie, not Ron Howard’s Opie, even though people say his personality is more fitting to the latter.


You can see more of Opie on instagram @asthetailswag !!

I have had cats my whole life, my house always had at least one cat, usually more, at all times. When I moved out though, I thought those days were over because my boyfriend, now husband, was very allergic and very scared of them. Enter Penny. She found JJ, the above mentioned boyfriend/husband, at his aunt’s house and weasled her way into his heart. Well, she was nice to him and he thought she wasn’t so bad, maybe she hadn’t penetrated his cat fearing heart just yet. Now the journey of how she finally became ours is a long story but basically Penny was abandoned by her “family” when they moved and she became an outside cat. She survived a really bad hurricane and a whole year out on her own before she came into our lives. She was the perfect cat for us, she was snuggly and loving with me, and she kept her distance from JJ, which is what he wanted. She was also very dog like and JJ was able to adjust to her a lot easier because of that. She has been a part of our little family for quite some time now and we couldn’t be happier to spoil this little snow orange kitty for the rest of her life.