Ava aka Buggy is the product of me nagging JJ to no end for a friend for Opie. Ava is also from a rescue and she is a shepherd/hound mix. She got the nickname Buggy because she is such a love bug. There is no better way to describe her, she has a pure heart of gold. The rescue I got Ava from was not the most thorough and was a totally different experience from my dealings with All 4 Paws, which was just incredible. I won’t be listing their name because in the end they are a rescue doing great things for animals. They didn’t give me too much info about her or even her right breed but I have no regrets. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met, everything she does, she does with love. Opie and Ava get along so well, she just worships him.


Ava can also be found on instagram @asthetailswag !!

Opie stole my heart the first second I laid eyes on him. He was rescued from being euthanized in a shelter from a lovely rescue called All 4 Paws at just four months old. He is a husky/shepherd mix and my furry soulmate. You know those romantic movies where two people’s eyes meet from across the room and they can’t keep their eyes off of each other…yea it was kind of like that. I went to one of All 4 Paws meet and greets to meet another puppy and that little puppy was late, which worked out so well for all parties in the end because she ended up getting adopted with her sister, and I got to meet Opie first. Once the other puppy showed up, I left Opie’s side and was spending time with her but I couldn’t stop looking at Opie! Funny this was, he couldn’t stop looking at me either! I’m telling you the puppy dog eyes that were exchanged were sickening. I knew that I had to leave there with Opie. There was just that connection that I feel like a lot of dog owners can attest to, when you meet the one you’re destined to take home, you just know. A 3 hour car ride home later and Opie was in his forever home with us.

I would like to say that we chose the name Opie after Son’s of Anarchy’s Opie, not Ron Howard’s Opie, even though people say his personality is more fitting to the latter.


You can see more of Opie on instagram @asthetailswag !!